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C a r a  M y e r s


Cara is a seasoned, Emmy Award-winning editor and web designer who began her creative journey at a young age as a dancer. Raised by a writer and a musician, she was immersed in artistry from the beginning. Upon discovering the revelation of experimental film at the Kansas City Art Institute, her storytelling transformed from stage to screen, and she has been blazing her career path ever since.


Cara’s editing technique is a marriage of fluidity and insight. She is music-driven, intuitive and loves her work. She brings a passionate, authentic demeanor and heart-centered approach to her profession. She pairs tailored thoughtfulness with seasoned technical skills to elevate any team she joins in unexpected ways. Cara offers an inspired curiosity of what’s possible unbound by what may have been imagined to propel the creative vision from concept to it's highest form. She believes all industries are truly built on relationships and has strong values around cultivating long-lasting ones. 

Today, Cara and her team work with a variety of clients such as advertising agencies, video production houses, filmmakers, record labels, non-profit organizations as well as corporations such as Hill's Pet Nutrition, Sprint, GE, Pfizer, Southwest Airlines, Hallmark, Tom's of Maine, Procter & Gamble, and Teva Pharmaceuticals. Projects vary widely in scope and budget and include short, long-form, and feature-length pieces with an emphasis on documentaries.


Cara invests in future generations by mentoring, speaking publicly, and teaching workshops to cultivate the legacy of what she believes is the most powerful medium on earth. She also builds websites, which you can see here. 


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Mid-America Emmy® Award

"The Next American Dream" 

Co-Director, Editor


Philly Awards

Best in Show


First City Film Festival

Best editing 2018

Oniros Film 

Awards Italy

"Best Editor"



Gaia TV

"Angel in Red"




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