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Teri Rogers

CEO Take Two, t2, hint

“Cara Myers is the magic, the talent and the heart behind every project she works on. She goes above and beyond to turn your project into a masterpiece."

Jace Rauman.jpeg

Jace Rauman

Sr. Art Director

"Cara is extremely easy to work with and brings years of experience to help elevate our storytelling. An absolute dream to work with and is at the top of my recommendation list."


Kevin Wright

Sr. Copywriter

My favorite thing about working with Cara is her ability to see things within your idea or concept that perhaps you missed — or simply didn't consider. More than just a video editor, Cara is a true creative partner who can take your ideas to a place you never imagined, but in a way that makes it ultimately so much better and stronger.


Annie Walsh

Producer, Filmmaker

I've had the privilege of working with Cara on several projects, from nonprofit to corporate videos, and perhaps what impresses me most about Cara is the artistry and work ethic that she brings to all her work. She is incredibly organized, detail-oriented, and eminently professional in her approach. Yet she has the warm, sensitivity, and authenticity at the same time.  In my experience with Cara, she has done nothing in half measures, and brings her whole self to a project. She strives not only to understand her subject matter but to elevate and illuminate it. Not only will she deliver, but she also will make the process a joy.

Deanna Evans.jpeg

Deanna Marie


I'm consistently impressed by Cara's ability to connect with people. She stitches stories together in a deeply human and heartfelt way that amplifies the vision of the filmmakers with whom she partners and moves viewers to a more profound understanding of the world around them. Her spirit is a beautiful one, and you can sense her care and craft in every frame.


Chad McClure

Creative Director

Cara is one of the most passionate story tellers that I’ve had the good fortune to work with many times. Her devotion to the craft is inspiring and elevates everyone involved with the project.


Jane Zander


Cara is a highly skilled editor who immediately makes clients feel at ease, as if they’ve just made a great new friend. Editing is her craft, but emotion is the medium she effectively uses to tell each story. She has a quiet confidence that can only be the result of years of successful client relationships. On an unrelated note, she has a big heart and seems to go way out of her way to help others in the industry which isn’t something that you often see in the post world. It’s highly competitive. She is a true original: smart, confident, funny, humble, helpful and determined.

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