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  • My company wants to create a video. How does this work?
    Awesome! First, we have created a form to help your team distill your ideas and communicate them to us in a way we understand. You can access it here. We'd love to learn more! Then basically here's how things go at start up: Goals: We understand your objective with the piece you'd like to create. Creative: We agree on a general creative approach for the piece. Budget: We agree on a budget that will get us there. Timeline: We agree on a timeline that is conducive to meeting your needs and the demands of production. Contract: We sign a contract, generate an invoice and satisfy a first half payment. Then we work hard and have a lot of fun. From there, this is how we get from inception to final product... Pre-Production: We carefully plan our production (filming) day(s). This includes getting specific with creative, look / feel and style. Production: We film it. You can enjoy watching seasoned crew members working hard to make "the magic" happen. Post-Production: This is where everything comes together through editing, two rounds of "revisions," and what we call "finishing" or the refinement process (color, motion graphics, visual effects and audio "sweetening" or engineering.) Invoice & Delivery: We invoice your team for the final half of the balance. Once payment is received, we remove watermarks and deliver master files of the piece(s) that are best for the venue(s) where it will be seen. You can share and enjoy our piece for many moons while acheiving your brand enhancement and business goals at an accelerated rate.
  • How can I find out how much budget I / my team / organization will need?
    Gosh, it really depends on the scope of your project...but keep in mind that great work takes resources. To get the conversation started, you can fill out this nifty form we created for you. We are excited to learn more about your project!
  • Cost wise where does Vespera Films fair with other video agencies?
    We won't be the cheapest and here's why... We believe your brand's image is worth investing in! 62% of people look poorly upon a brand when their video is of inferior quality. With the prices of cameras and software dropping, making video work has become accessible for a lot of people, many of which have varying levels of experience. While in one way prices dropping can be positive, on the other hand, it can make things more complicated. This is because almost anyone can buy a "high end" camera, but do they understand the craft behind using it? We are seasoned professionals who all have 10++ years of experience and it shows. We come from a traditional video production model where each artist specializes in what they do. What makes this special is that we work as a team, with the goal of elevating the end product even further. We only work with high end equipment and know how to use it to its fullest capability. Each of us loves what we do and have experience working with clients like you. We have the industry wisdom to understand your story and the maturity to blend gracefully with your team. We know how to guide you through a filmmaking experience that you will look forward to repeating with us in the future. You can walk away with a piece that is creative, compelling and elevates your brand in a way in which you can be proud. To help to define how much it would cost for your organization to make something great, fill out this nifty form we ceated and send it our way. We're excited to learn more!
  • How long does it take from start to finish to create a video for me / my company?
    Gosh, it really depends on the scope of your project...but keep in mind that great work takes time and careful planning and that's how we like to work. To get the conversation started, you can fill out this nifty form we created for you! We are excited to learn more about your project!
  • How can I find out if Cara and her team is right for my project?
    A handful of items can define this quickly: Subject matter Objective Timeline Budget To find out if there is a match, a fill out the applicable nifty form we made that will give us a detailed understanding for your project. We’d love to hear more!
  • I’m an indie filmmaker. Does Cara and her team work on short or feature projects?
    Yes, depending on if everyting jives (subject, timeline and budget.) To find out how Cara can support you in making the most compelling film possible, fill out this nifty form we created for you. We'd love to hear about your movie!
  • Does Cara do pro-bono projects or projects for trade?
    Only on rare occasion. She tells us she wishes she could but has to "keep the lights on!"
  • What video genres does Cara have experience in editing?
    Cara has experience in documentary (short and feature), corporate video, product videos, television commercials, promotional, educational, and instructional videos. She also has some experience in reality TV shows, cooking shows, sizzle reels, demo reels, new business pitches as well as narrative short and feature films. Additionally, Cara has experience writing and editing film trailers and editing social media content. All of this includes branded promotional content as well as entertainment oriented content. If you would like to find out more about her experience and examples of work (if available) in the type of project you need, send us a message through the contact form below. ⬇️ We'd love to hear from you.
  • What kind of teams has Cara worked in?
    Cara has worked as the lead editor on many projects in corporate settings with internal video departments, in advertising agencies, in video production houses, both large and small. She has worked as the lead editor in small and large creative teams for small, local clients to large, international clients. She has worked as the lead editor and post-production supervisor for feature films. She excels at leading post-production teams and has years of experience understanding what audio engineers, assistant editors, visual effects artists, motion graphics artists, composers, colorists, and finishing artists need to do their best work for the overall production. To find out how Cara can enhance your team and help you or your organization to produce amazing work, reach out to us through our contact form below.
  • How is Vespera Films structured as a video boutique?
    Vespera Films is a virtual video boutique and Cara is at the helm of each project. Through years of editing Cara has developed an in depth understanding of how the intricacies of concept, writing, casting, directing and every element of production effects the final product. She is able to offer the benefit of these insights to each client and project she does. Cara hand selects proven production and post-production team members who are best for each project, both creatively and financially. Each team member is seasoned and an expert in their domain. This offers clients the benefit of specialists in each area.
  • Where is Cara based? Where does she do her editing work? Does she travel or work remotely?
    Cara is based near Kansas City, Missouri. She usually works from her local edit suite, but can work on location when it is best for the project and clients. For special projects, and if all travel and expenses are paid, Cara travels to work. Cara also often works remotely with clients who are based elsewhere using a video collaboration site called Conference calls and video chatting technologies are usually integrated in this model. Sometimes, it is a combination of all of the above! To inquire about working with Cara, reach out to us via our contact form below. ⬇️
  • How does Cara charge for her services?
    When editing, depending on what makes the most sense for the client and project, Cara charges by the hour, by the day, by the week or a project /flat rate. Evenings and weekends, as well as “rush“ projects are typically charged by the hour and have a higher rate. Whatever the pricing structure, we strive to make budget clear, predictable and comfortable. No surprises here. When creating a video with her boutique from inception, a budget that encompasses the entire production is carefully created and agreed-upon via contract prior to any work taking place. Half payment is due up front and the remaining half is due upon completion, unless other arrangements are made. In every circumstance, careful consideration is given to the time each project will likely take and the resources each client has. We strive for an open, collaborative conversational approach to this. If you would like to find out more about how much budget your project will need and if Cara / Vespera Films is a good fit for the resources you have, feel free to fill out this nifty form we created to aquire the information we need, or if that's too comprehensive for now, reach out via the contact form below. ⬇️
  • Does Cara work with a contract?
    Yes, every project has a simple contract drawn that defines what the project is, what the agreed upon budget and payment terms are, what the deadline is and other details. This way everything is clear, comfortable and predictable from the get-go and drama free throughout.
  • Does Cara work as a director and how often?
    Cara is most often found in the edit suite. However, she also takes on the role as director for special projects that she feels highly invested in. Usually in those projects she will be cast in the role as lead editor, but not always. Cara is a seasoned interviewer for a documentary style pieces, bringing out the most in those telling a story. Directing gives her an opportunity to influence the final piece from inception, which is a rare gift for an editor! To inquire about Cara directing your project, reach out to us via the contact form below. ⬇️
  • Does Cara do any script writing during the pre-production process or during the editing process?
    Yes to both! She loves to write. If Cara thinks the piece will benefit from bringing one of her writer colleagues on board, she will.
  • Does Cara do any of her own production (filming, lighting, sound, etc...?)"
    The short answer is no. Cara's expertise is in editing and directing. She knows that her clients will benefit from having team members on board who are experts in production. To see Vespera Films' production partners, head on over to the "team" page.
  • Does Cara do other aspects of post-production like motion graphics, visual effects, color, sound design or audio engineering (aka audio sweetening)?"
    The short answer is no...except for rough sound design and some audio engineering/audio sweetening. Color wise, Cara is able to offer color enhancements to make the footage look good, but brings an expert colorist on board, when the budget allows. For motion graphics work, Cara brings along a motion graphic designer who specilizes in this area and the same is true for a visual effects artists. The same applies to audio engineering and a music composer. This way, the production benefits from experts in each area.
  • What operating system and editing platform does Cara work with?
    Cara works on Mac OS in the Adobe Creative Suite. She edits in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Does Cara do pro-bono projects or work for trade?
    Only on rare occasion. She tells us she wishes she could but has to "keep the lights on!"
  • Does Cara have assistant editors?
    Yes, at any given time, Cara has two to three assistant editors she hand picks, mentors and carefully trains. If you are interested in being an assistant editor for Cara, please reach out via our contant form below.⬇️
  • Does Cara teach workshops?
    Yes. Cara is passionate about what she does. She loves to teach and mentor aspiring film professionals and filmmakers, bringing her industry experience to the table in an engaging and inspiring way. Cara has workshops she has designed and teaches independently and also teaches at educational institutions. If you're interested in Cara teaching at your educational facility or coaching you privately, reach out to us via our contact form below.⬇️
  • Will Cara come and speak to my class / group?
    Sure... If time and budget allows. Cara has spoken to film groups, high school classes, college undergraduate and graduate level classes, and various other organizations. To inquire about Cara speaking to your group, reach out to us via the contact form below. ⬇️
  • Does Vespera Films have an internship?
    Unfortunately, Vespera Films does not offer a formal internship but Cara does offer mentorship to film learners in special situations. To inquire about mentorship, please reach out ot us via the contact form below. ⬇️
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